Strategic or business consultancy

Strategic or business consultancy also involves a complete audit of your business. This allows us to draw up your communication plan, set objectives and possibly also determine what e-commerce or digital marketing tools will be used.

Based on this, we can decide how you can use the Internet to your advantage in order to meet these objectives.

Functional analysis

Functional consultancy allows us to draft a very detailed scope statement. Before we launch your e-commerce or showcase website, we will first examine the market.

Thanks to a method based on a balance between price, quality, functionality and term of delivery, we can then find you the most suitable technical service provider.

Selecting service providers

Together with its clients, TRM selects a technical, design or other agency, thus creating three pillars for each project: the client, the selected agency, and TRM.

This way of working is not only applied to the contractual aspects, but also entails an audit of the relationship with the selected agency as soon as it has delivered its end product (in terms of technical skills, teamwork, pricing and procedures).

Operational management

Our TRM-team complements our clients’ team. They typically follow up on a promotional plan throughout the entire year, either in part or in full, while also managing the content of your e-commerce website (catalog, blog, magazine, etc.). They do all of this within the context of a communication plan, a commercial strategy and a particular digital marketing approach.

Content management – web marketing

As soon as your site is operational, TRM may take over your digital marketing. We can help you with search engine optimization, search engine advertising, Google Shopping, managing your Facebook page, direct mail or newsletters, to name but a few things.

It goes without saying that your digital marketing activities should always correspond with your communication plan and your commercial strategy.

Quality control and meeting objectives

At regular intervals, we measure de effect of your actions and used tools and deliver an evaluation report of your digital marketing, search engine optimization and possible AdWords campaign.

Analytically managing the campaigns and implementing dashboards (KPI) ensures a maximum return on investment for our customers as far as promotion and media is concerned.

A « Red Adair » mode

Whether one of your professional relationships is deadlocked or one of your projects has been compromised, we are happy to mediate, accompanied by legal counsel or not. We can help you break the deadlock or make sure that the technical service provider comes through for you and gives you the quality that you expect.